Submit a project

Create a GitHub Issue to Submit Your Project's Metadata

To submit a project, please create an issue on GitHub. The template will give you a place to put all of the information, such as

  • Name of the project
  • Names, affiliations, and contact information for the authors
  • Link to the GitHub repo with the code
  • Link to the paper
  • Version of AllenNLP used
  • A short description of the model. Often the abstract of the paper is enough.
  • Other assorted metadata, such as tags, datasets used, date submitted, etc.

Create a Docker Image and Script to Aid Reproducibility

We don't want to make it complicated to submit a project, but we also want to make sure submissions are of good quality, are easy to get started with, and can be reproduced. To that end, we ask you to provide a Dockerfile that creates an environment in which the model can train and evaluate, and a script that trains and runs the model.

You can look at this example for how to do this.

Not every project fits exactly this schema, so if you have questions or need help, submit an issue for us anyways and we'll sort it out!

Submit Your Project